Appointments are generally made every 15 minutes. Our practice tries to accommodate patients with urgent problems and patients that need longer consultation times. If you do need a longer consultation please let one of our friendly staff know when you all to make the appointment.

After Hours Services

Our practice has an arrangement with the Home Doctors Service (137425) to provide after hours services to our patients outside of our surgery’s normal opening hours.

Test Results

Patients that are having pathology tests and other investigations should make an appointment for the review of these results. If an appointment is not made and our doctors need to see you in regards to these results, we will call or send a letter to you requesting for you to make an appointment.

It is the policy for this practice that test results can not be given out by a member of staff unless the treating doctor or doctor on duty has given permission.

We will do our best to follow up results, but it is the resonsibility of patients to take charge of their own health care.

Recall System

This practice uses a recall system of pap smears, immunisations, flu vaccination and other health assessments. Please let one of our friendly staff know if you don’t want to be reminded.

Management of Patient Health Information

All our patient records are private and confidential documents. We always strive to ensure that all patient records remain limited to relevant members of our team. Patient records are not made avaible to members of the public including immediate family members unless the patient is a minor. The practice will however make a copy of any records needed on the request of the patient. This practice conforms to the Privacy Act 1988.

Feedback and Complaints

This practice is always striving to improve the care that we give to our patients. If you are unhappy with the service you have recived or just want to let us know how we can improve, let one of our staff members know or leaves a message in the box provided behind the reception desk.

All feedback and complaints will be taken seriously and will be appropriately investigated in a timely manner.